DTTLS Level 5

DTLLS is the equivalent to the PGCE, and stands for the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. The DTLLS program from AMBA training will help you to develop more effective classroom techniques and allow you to choose better techniques and resources suitable for classes in adult education. It is run as a part-time one-year distance learning course.

The DTLLS qualification is required for those carrying out a full teaching role, that need to gain Qualified Teacher status (QTLS). At AMBA training we are proud to now offer the most up to date DTLLS certificate in both Assessor and non-Assessor Routes.

•    Affordable fees. Only £2,500 for the Generic course and £1,500 for the distance ‘Fast track course’.•    Accreditation of prior experience and learning allowing for exemption from certain modules (details on application).•    Input and observations by experienced tutors.•    Online resources for all session notes, meaning you’ll never be without input guidance.•    Accreditation by the EDEXCEL•    Study at Level 5 •    Progression to QTLS, allowing candidates to work as qualified teachers in both secondary and tertiary sectors.

Course Delivery:

At AMBA Training we allocate all learners with a mentor who guides you through the course, providing feedback at each stage and carrying out observations of teaching hours. Each module is covering a different aspect of the course and includes activities. At the end of each unit there are specified assignments to complete, which are marked and internally moderated.

You must have access to 150 teaching hours, writing a reflective journal on each hour and completing 8 hours of observation. You will also deliver a 15 minute practical Micro teach session and complete practical assessments on 2 candidates (Assessor route only).

AMBA trainings flexible training approach is built around your needs.

We offer a high level of flexibility in our training approach. You can qualify at your own pace and fit training around your existing job and lifestyle commitments. The online learning suite, ‘Claroline’, means you can learn at home or at work. Our dedicated staff will always give you the best possible advice and support and will only ever be a phone call away. You will also have access to other trainees through the interactive forum.

All our trainee teachers studying DTLLS come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Many are already teaching in some capacity, or are working as teaching assistants, and are looking to formalise their professional status as a fully qualified teacher, whereas some are new to teaching. Whatever your background, our highly supportive team will discuss your options with you, and support you along your chosen career path!

Course Length:

The total Guided Learning Hours for the DTLLS course is 360 plus 150 hours teaching. On average AMBA Training learners complete the full DTLLS Course in just 6-12 months, less if you have already completed any of the units previously. The course is done entirely at your own pace and your mentor is there to help keep you on track.



Study Day Themes

Day 1

Month 1

  • Induction
  • The role of the tutor in the lifelong learning sector
  • Legislation
  • Record keeping
  • Schemes of work and session planning

Day 2 

Month 2

  • Individual learning needs and learning styles
  • Inclusion, diversity, differentiation, personalising

Day 3 

Month 3

  • Teaching methods, learning activities and resources
  • Communication
  • Learning difficulties and disabilities

Day 4 

Month 4

  • Functional skills and minimum core
  • Presentations re unit 2

Day 5 

Month 5

  • Assessment
  • Feedback to learners

Day 6

Month 6

  • Learning theories and strategies

Day 7

Month 7

  • Behaviour management

Day 8

Month 8

  • Curriculum models
  • Curriculum development for inclusion

Day 9

Month 9

  • Evaluation
  • CPD

Day 10

Month 10

  • Developing and managing resources

Day 11

Month 11

  • Wider professional practice
  • The lifelong learning sector
  • Assemble course portfolios
  • Course evaluation and progression / CPD


Individual tutorials as required

Month 16

Deadline for completion

This intensive programme comprises face-to-face training days, individual support, workplace assessment, individual research, use of our bespoke virtual learning environment (VLE) and the completion of 8 assignments.

You will attend 11 training days, one day a month.  These are highly interactive, face-to-face sessions.  They are built around key themes that address the course content, prompt reflective practice and provide an opportunity to share good practice with others.   Individual tutorial support and distance learning is built into the programme. The course is assessed by 8 unit assignments, and an on-going reflective journal and a teaching practice portfolio.  You will also have to evidence 150 hours of teaching and will be observed 8 times.

Our dedicted DTLLS VLE gives you access to:

•   A wide range of resources that support the face-to-face training days•   DTLLS assignment guides•   Your DTLLS e-portfolio where you upload assignments, learning journal entries, book observations and receive formative and summative feedback•   The DTLLS forum where you can join discussions and participate in collaborative learning activities

This course builds on the Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).  To join the course you must have PTLLS or its equivalent.

Course costs start at £2500 in advance for the classroom based program and£1500 for the online, distance learning package. *payment instalments available on request, dependant on individual circumstances*

Venue: Harrow


Classroon:  £2500.00

Online:        £1500.00

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