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FPOS First Person on the Scene

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This very practical course is a significant step up from basic first aid training. The purpose of the FPOS qualification is to provide immediate life support to the patient pending the arrival of definitive Pre-Hospital care. These qualifications are designed to provide learners with simple but effective skills and knowledge to enable them to provide immediate care in the first few minutes of an emergency. Simple, but effective interventions make a big difference to survival outcome and on completion of this course participants will have sufficient knowledge and understanding to enable them to:

  • provide immediate care and response required in the first few minutes of an emergency
  • use their foundation knowledge to work individually or as a team in a variety of emergency situations
  • assess the situation and the patient’s condition and provide initial help as listed below
    • airway stabilisation
    • basic life support
    • early defibrillation
    • oxygenation
    • circulatory support

Qualification Endorsement

The First Person on Scene qualifications are clinically endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (Edinburgh), the leading clinical body for pre-Hospital Care in the UK. The qualifications are valid for of 3 years and periodic re-training is suggested in order to keep skills up to date.
Who needs this Qualification?

For those involved in providing initial emergency care, such as Community Responders, Fire and Police Officers and security staff we deliver the FPOS qualification at the following levels:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Enhanced

What you will gain on completion of the course There will be a written and practical assessment at the end of the course. Upon successful completion the FPOS certificate will be awarded from IHCD (Edexcel).


The FPOS course will take place over 4 days at our dedicated training facilities in Harrow. The basic course is £495.00 in advance and £595 on the day for the others please call 0208 901 7679
Please call 0208 429 1202 for further details.

SKU: 12489 Category:

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Tottenham (N London)


15th Jan 2015, 25th Jan 2015


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First Aid TrainingFPOS First Person on the SceneTottenham (N London)15th Jan 2015
First Aid TrainingFPOS First Person on the SceneTottenham (N London)25th Jan 2015

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