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How to become a Security Guard in the UK?

Unlike many other countries, you need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence to work legally as a security guard in the United Kingdom. You need to undertake a government approved training course from an authorized training provider. Security Guard’s licenses in UK are issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) which is a government-ruled agency. […]


CCTV that is Closed Circuit TVs has become a necessity in many establishments, from commercial and corporate premises to offices and streets, even private residences! More and more surveillance need is arising everywhere. It is evident now that installing CCTV is an excellent and effective security measure. CCTV operator is a crucial individual when it […]

What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Door Supervisor?

Are you someone who is trying to make it into the world of Security industry? Well you came to the right place. A job of a Door Supervisor is perfect entry-point for your career choice which can lead to exciting venues, experiences and career paths. Advantages of this job can be mainly given as 1) […]