Equality and Diversity Policy

Why the AMBA TRAINING is committed to equality and diversity?

  • The rationale for the AMBA TRAINING commitment to equality and diversity includes:
    1. an understanding of the importance of opening the AMBA TRAINING up to all sections of the community and of identifying, using and developing the skills and talents offered by members and potential members of the AMBA TRAINING, to their and the AMBA TRAINING.
    2. the awareness that, in addition to being illegal and immoral, discrimination is also wasteful;
    3. the recognition of the negative impact on individuals of the effects of discrimination in terms of educational attainment, career progression, self-fulfilment and self-esteem.
    4. Equality and Diversity Statement
  • The AMBA TRAINING of London is proud to serve a multi-cultural community.   We value diversity, and are determined to ensure:
    1. that we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect;
    2. that the opportunities we provide are open to all;
    3. That we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment – for staff, for students and for visitors.

    We recognise that we still have work to do to secure a truly inclusive community, and we are committed to a wide-ranging plan of action to tackle discrimination and to promote diversity.


  • The AMBA TRAINING will not tolerate discrimination against individuals on the basis of gender, race, colour or ethnic or national origin, religion or equivalent belief system, disability, sexual orientation, social class, age (subject to the usual conventions on retirement), marital status or family responsibilities or as a result of any conditions or requirements that do not accord with the principles of fairness and natural justice.
  • This policy forms part of the informal contract of employment for staff and part of the informal agreement between students and the AMBA TRAINING.  All members of the AMBA TRAINING must abide by this policy – albeit that those in senior or managerial positions or with specific responsibilities for recruitment, selection, training, appraisal and promotion should be especially mindful of the policy – and any failure to comply could result in disciplinary proceedings.
  • All visitors to the AMBA TRAINING, together with those contracted to work at or for the AMBA TRAINING, will be expected to comply with this policy.
  • AMBA TRAINING aim is to treat all customer, students and staff equality and respect throughout the time they spend with the AMBA TRAINING.


  • Monitoring of diversity will be completed on yearly basis. Monitoring forms will completed for training course this will be on random basis.

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