First Aid at Work Policy


  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 set out the essential aspects of First aid which the AMBA Training ltd as an employer, must provide. This policy has been prepared to assist the AMBA Training ltd in ensuring that it remains compliant with the Regulations.
  • This First Aid Policy covers the arrangements that are in place to ensure thatappropriate first aid provision is available throughout the AMBA Training ltd across all its sites, activities and events.

Duty to make first aid provision

  • The First Aid at Work Regulations place a duty on the AMBA Training ltd to make provision for first aid by:
    • Ensuring there is adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities to provide first aid to employees (and non-employees) who become injured or ill at work.
    • Ensuring that there are a sufficient number of ‘suitable persons’ able to administer first aid if employees (and non-employees) become injured or ill at work.

Definition of First Aid

  • The Joint First Aid Manual (British Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance and St.Andrews Ambulance) 8th edition published by Dorling Kindersley, provides thefollowing definition of first aid:
    • First aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to someone who is injured or suddenly taken ill.’
  • Accordingly, AMBA Training ltd staff administering first aid should seek to assess the situation, protect themselves and the casualty from further danger, deal with any life threatening condition and where necessary obtain medical assistance or refer the casualty on to medical staff as quickly as possible.

First Aid Assessment of Need

  • To ensure the availability of appropriate first aid provision. This assessment will be conducted in accordance with the guidance published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and will ensure that appropriate first aid personnel and equipment are available to:
    • Give immediate attention to an employee, student or visitor suffering from common injuries and illness and those likely to arise from specific hazards at work.
    • Call an ambulance or other professional help as required.
  • The amount of first aid equipment and trained personnel necessary will depend on the circumstances of each situation/location. In carrying out an assessment of first aid need, the SHE Section will determine the level of equipment and personnel necessary in each AMBA Training ltd building or particular operational circumstance. First aid provision must be based upon the risk assessments appropriate to the activities in any given area of the AMBA Training ltd. As the activities undertaken throughout the AMBA Training ltd vary from building to building, a separate assessment of first aid need will be required for each area/activity and re-assessed when there is any change in the building/locations use or programme.

First Aider

  • A first aider is a people who has completed either the First aid at work qualifications or a person who have a NMC or professional qualification to be deemed to provide first aid skills.

Training of First Aid personnel

  • As a small company we assess that there is a requirement to have a first aid on site at all time when training is being carried out. First should complete a first aid at work qualification or have professional membership of registered body for medical skills eg nmc or gmc.

Duties of the First Aid Officer/Appointed Person

  • All AMBA Training ltd staff entitled to act as either a First Aid Officer or Appointed Person should be familiar with the following guidance and procedures:
    • Duties of AMBA Training ltd First Aid Officers/Appointed Persons on their duties, role and remit.
    • Procedure for calling an ambulance.
    • Guidance on Infection Control.
    • Accident/Incident and First Aid Administered reporting systems.
    • Procedure for obtaining replacement first aid materials.


  • All fully trained AMBA Training ltd staff with first aid responsibilities will be covered by the AMBA Training ltd’s Public Liability/Indemnity Insurance whilst administering first aid.
  • However they must ensure that their certificate is current or membership of a profession organisation as stated above and that they operate within the scope of their training and the AMBA Training ltd’s operational procedures for the delivery of First Aid at Work

First Aid Equipment and Rooms

  • First aid containers and materials:
    • First Aid Kit – Every Room must have a first kit available.
    • First Aid Rooms – As a small centre no first aid room are available

Monitoring of First Aid Equipment and Rooms

  • A designated staff member, either a First aiders, should Inspect the first aid equipment within each box on a regular basis and replace any items as necessary, paying particular attention to expiry dates, cleanliness etc.

First Aid record keeping

  • First Aid book should be completed as soon as possible after a incident.

Physical intervention training requirement

  • Due to the nature of this training it has been decided that training should a have first aider at all times onsite with the trainer or the trainer should be first aid qualified. Access to water and telephone is a requirement as on all occasions this will be off site and a different venue.

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