BTEC Close Protection Level 3

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Bodyguards (or as they’re also known as close protection officers) may be an unrecognized resource for specific performance attributes which are valuable to the security industry.
The HABC BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (QCF) is designed for people who want to work as a close protection officer and therefore require a licence to practise. The qualification is endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and learners who have completed it successfully can then apply to the SIA for a licence.
Here at AMBA training we have designed several packages for those wishing to undertake this qualification, be rest assured you are in safe hands. All our trainers have many years of experience both in the military from special operations and those who have worked in the circuit and those whom are still working today. Our trainers are not just qualified and have the relevant certificates to deliver trainingthey are all experienced in working with high profile clients around the world.The Close protection course is not solely designed for men; there are many reasons why female bodyguards would be chosen over a male. A large number of women these days feel safer and secure around other women, rather than men.

Celebrities and VIP’s often want to feel as normal and comfortable as much as possible, for example a female celebrity accompanied by a female bodyguard is a discreet fit, The aim here is to blend in and draw little attention to the client, which is done a lot more effectively with a female body guard, compared to a muscular 6ft plus male.
It is fair to say although there have been many barriers with female bodyguards over the years, times have changed and so has the way they’re portrayed. They’re now more in demand, with clients employing more women for unique situations, where a male would be unsuitable.
Come and join us at AMBA Training, we will ensure you feel most welcome and are part of the team regardless of your background. Our Training courses are the same for both men and women, with just a few minor adjustments, remembering that women and men are built differently after all.