Award in Conflict Management (Level 2)
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Award in Conflict Management (Level 2)


This course has been designed and developed to meet the requirements for individuals who work in the public sector and require training in conflict management to help deal with customers face to face. This is suitable for a very wide range of sectors and is suitable for anyone in a customer facing role and deals with service users or the general public

This is a very useful course, that can help individuals obtain a better understanding of how to prevent conflict situations from not only arising but also escalating. Once qualified you will feel more confident in being able to deal with situations as they arise.


Helps staff to avoid and manage conflict within their work environment. Designed in conjunction with conflict. You will develop your skills within scenario based learning and gain a broad understanding of the main areas of conflict management.


  • Anyone working in the public or private sectors:-
  • Teachers, trainers
  • Health care workers
  • licensed retailers
  • assistant managers
  • relief managers supervisory/key staff

The Course is designed to enable candidates to understand the following:

  • the responsibilities of both employers and employees in relation to workplace violence under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • what is meant by the terms ‘risk’ and ‘hazard’, and the causes of workplace violence
  • how to identify and reduce hazards through risk assessment to reduce the likelihood of conflict arising
  • why and how conflict situations can arise, and how to avoid them
  • how to deal with conflict when it has arisen
  • the law in relation to self-defence victim support, and the importance of reporting and recording incidents of workplace violence