Deliverers of Pain Compliance & Breakaway Techniques Level 3

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This course is designed as an extension to the EDEXCEL Level 3 Deliverers of physical intervention techniques and methods.

This helps individuals develop the skills and knowledge required to enable learners to safely apply appropriate and effective methods of restraint using primarily non-harmful methods of control. More restrictive methods of control are taught where there is a high risk of escalation/violence. All our techniques have been risk assessed and are being used and taught in her majesty’s services today.

We at AMBA training have the level 3 Pain compliance & Breakaway course that has been designed for staff who have to deal with a much higher degree of challenging behaviour or more aggressive and violent behaviour.

In addition, this course is compliant with all aspects of legislation related to the use of physical force so it helps organisations safeguard against the abuse and neglect of its service users and staff.

Physical intervention is also known as physical restraint as well as control and restraint (C&R) in case you are becoming confused these days by the array of differing names on offer.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer so that you can deliver this training to teach people how to manage a wide range of challenging behaviours wide and diverse range of occupational settings then this course is arguably one of the best trainer courses of its kind in this field that you could do.


To achieve the outcomes a student must:

  • Understand the Law in relation to the use of physical restraint.
  • Evaluate the risks associated with physical restraint and consider methods to reduce the risks.
  • Demonstrate non-harmful methods of control and how to safely apply them
  • Where required demonstrate more restrictive methods of control and when they should be used

Introduction to workplace violence

Basic LAW

The Children’s Act (If required)

Health & Safety at Work Legislation

Human Rights Acts

The use of your communication skills to prevent restraint wherever possible

Positional asphyxia risks

Non-harmful methods of control

Teamwork: Contact and Cover

Restrictive methods of control

Controlled take down and up

Demonstration of techniques that should not be used

Course price is £499 in advance and £599 on the day