Deliverers of Physical Intervention Level 3

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Since June 2010, physical intervention skills have been part of the door supervisor licence-linked qualifications. Trainers offering the new qualifications must have completed one of the programmes, we at AMBA training have our own training program that we have now been delivering since the award started. We have trained 100’s of trainers, come to AMBA training and join the family of trainers.

This EDEXCEL Level 3 Deliverers of Physical Intervention training  programme has been designed for those intending to offer physical intervention skills trainingor who wish to train other training providers in this area.

The BTEC Level 3 Course is also suitable for staff who may have to deal with vulnerable young people or vulnerable adults or whose staff perform low risk security or door supervision roles.

It is also suitable for those of you who are looking to provide physical restrainttraining in mental health areas as well as schools, care homes and the NHS.

Once completed you will be qualified to train others in how to assess situations to decide whether physical intervention is necessary and, if so, the appropriate methods of intervention. Successful delegates will be certificated will be licensed to offer the AMBA Physical Intervention Trainer programme.

  • Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry
  • Delivering Physical Intervention Skills Training Learners will gain appreciation of physical interventions and the legal/professional implications of their use. Candidates will be learn how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used, be able to use non-aggressive physical skills to protect oneself and others from assault, also be able to use non-pain related standing holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills. And understand good practice to follow after physical interventions.

*This course is a Level 3 and is acceptable for trainers who wish to deliver the Door Supervisors course on the ‘New SPEC’.

This course is on Special offer at £450 in advance and £649 on the day.

To continue with unbroken delivery of the Physical Intervention programme, trainers will need to recertify before the expiry date of their approval. If approval has lapsed, the trainer can attend the 1 day recertification programme within 6 months of the expiry date; after 6 months trainers may need to attend a 3 day course to gain re-approval.

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