Handcuffing Level 2

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    • We at AMBA training are pleased to introduce the Level 2 Handcuffing Course.This is a one day course designed for individuals who are expected to use restraint equipment (handcuffs) as part of their day to day duties i.e. door supervisors, static security guards, hospital security staff, event security staff, close protection officers etc.

      The use of handcuffs is becoming more popular for Door Supervisors as a reliable way of restraining people. However proper training is essential to ensure that full account is taken of the legal and medical implications of their use.

      Researches have shown that about 65 to 70 % of resistance occurs after the application of handcuffs. Handcuffing can result in injury of the restrained individual. Proper training and acquisition of sufficient knowledge and skills will prevent these incidents. With the legal implication and risk for injury associated with the use of handcuffs, it is very important that certification be completed prior to its use. Only certified and qualified practitioners who fully understand the concepts involve in the use of handcuff can competently administer proper handcuffing skills.

      By the end of this one day course you will be able to define the primary reason for handcuffing, and also understand the medical implications of handcuffing including positional asphyxia, you will be confident of how to apply handcuffs to an aggressive subject, lock them and then demonstrate how to remove handcuffs correctly and ensuring you know the law concerning the use of handcuffs. This course will equip you to administer handcuffs safely.

      • The law relating to the use of reasonable force
      • The use of physical intervention techniques
      • Escorting, holding and guiding skills
      • Possible medical implications regarding the use of handcuffs
      • Potential legal implications regarding handcuff techniques
      • Deployment of handcuffs
      • Application of handcuffs

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