Lone Worker Personal Safety

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This specially designed course from AMBA training is geared towards your individual abilities and requirements. Participants will learn how to reduce risks and respond correctly in a controlled and effective manner. This course advises all staff of their personal responsibility for health and safety when Lone Working, in line with the organisations lone worker policy will become part of their standard working procedure, incorporating Personal Risk Assessment techniques. Courses are designed to be interactive, incorporating clear and user-friendly guidance and advice on how to best use the training.  All training material provided will be specific to your requirements. If you have staff who work alone at any time you are legally obliged to have a Lone Worker policy. Health and Safety legislation such as“The Health and Safety at Work Act” and the “Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act” both highlight the responsibility of employers and employees. Under the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’, employers have a responsibility to protect their employees even when working off site. Lone workers should not be at more risk than those working with colleagues. This one day course explores the main dangers to lone workers and offer’s practical solutions to reduce these risks.

  • Awareness of current Corporate Legislation
  • Understand behaviours that can trigger aggression
  • Understand body language and good communication skills
  • Recognise threats to personal safety
  • Deal with physical and verbal threats and aggression
  • Talk down and diffusion techniques
  • Breakaway and disengagement techniques
  • Development of good practice techniques

Attendees come from the Home Care, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Crisis Care, Residential Care and other sections within a variety of departments.

The training focusses on raising the awareness of staff and helping them to improve their personal safety practices.

It also enables them to confront many issues about personal safety which require thoughtful reflection, action and mature discussions about safety with managers and supervisors