Pain Compliance & Breakaway Level 2

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    • This course from AMBA Training is designed for those who work in environments which might require them to safety and effectively restrain non-compliant or violent individuals this could be whilst working in security, health care, custodial or working with vulnerable people.

      Most workers placed in charge of non-compliant or violent individuals are more often and not reluctant to employ physical intervention (restraint) methods. Therefore, this course has been specifically designed to furnish those undertaking instruction with the appropriate methods and knowledge relating to safe physical intervention procedures. This course leads on from our Sia approved level 2 Physical Intervention skills training.

      During this two day course you will learn the theory behind both physical intervention, pain compliance and break away techniques as well as the techniques prescribed on our level 2 physical intervention training course on the first day. The second day will be based on learning and becoming proficient in the pain compliance and break away techniques that lead on to the level 3 highly restrictive techniques used by many of the forces in the United Kingdom.

      • Identify Reasonable Force in relation to physical restraint and pain compliance techniques
      • Explore the requirements of the Human Rights Act 1998 – physical restraint related.
      • Identify Health & Safety stature and associated regulations – physical restraint related.
      • Evaluate risks & explore how to reduce these – physical restraint related.
      • Relevant acts of Parliament & other organisations in relation to vulnerable individuals.
      • Explore the risks of associated alcohol, drugs and edged weapons – physical restraint related.
      • Understand & define the difference between escorting, holding & restraint.
      • Demonstrate Non-harmful methods of restraint including seated restraint techniques.
      • Identify the Difference between non-harmful & more restrictive appropriate techniques.
      • Demonstrate De-escalation & relaxed restraint techniques.

      Each student will undertake a variety of assessments – The instructor will assess each student’s progress during the course and provide oral feedback. Once completed the student will receive a certificate of attendance from AMBAtraining.