Refresher & license agreement

£699.00 £499.00



Obtain you Physical intervention level 3 refresher certificate & license agreement here at AMBA training, on this one day course we will ensure you are competent and proficient in the techniques and methods that we have taught you previously.

You will be assigned a dedicated support officer who will look after you and ensure any queries are answered promptly

We shall also provide you with any updates and changes within the industry or our AMBA program. join us in Harrow for the day at only £300.00, the license agreement will last one year and you will be also provided all the trainingmaterials needed to deliver level 2 physical intervention training including:-

  1. 1.Power point and slides
  2. 2.Training manual that you can print for all your learners
  3. 3.Declaration to participate form for learners
  4. 4.Health questionnaire
  5. 5.Practical assessment forms
  6. 6.Ratio & refresher policy
  7. 7.Risk assessment template
  8. 8.Safety briefing for both learners and trainer

New license holder whom wish to obtain License only £500.00

To obtain a license from us at AMBA training we need to make sure you understand the limits in which we use physical intervention. The Sia state that level 2 techniques must not be used by:-

  • Using any force
  • Using any strikes
  • Any pressure on joints or tendons
  • Using the neck, spine region
  • Or putting anyone in the prone position

All level 2 techniques should be risk assessed and must be the least likely to cause any injury, therefore all our techniques at AMBA have been designed to be within the limits of what is to be taught as per the Sia requirements, they are low-level and defensive.

On this one day course you will be taught all the techniques and methods listed below, at the end of the day you will be required to demonstrate the techniques and methods as well as delver a micro-teach on two of the chosen ones. This will all be video recorded for verification purposes. Once you have passed the trainingwe will issue out a refresher certificate of attendance and then a license agreement for you toi use our AMBA approved material for a year.

*please note you must provide the original QCF cert so that we can verify APL*

Our Level 2 Physical intervention program has been designed to teach all learners the skills listed below and also to be a basis and complement our Level 3 techniques.

The level 3 techniques are not only home office approved and used by both the metropolitan police and her majesty’s prison officers, but they are ‘fluid’ from level 2 enable you the trainer an opportunity to help your learners progress to level 3.

  • Demonstrate non-aggressive stance and positioning skills
  • Demonstrate non-aggressive skills used to evade and protect against blows
  • Demonstrate non-aggressive methods of disengagement from grabs and holds
  • Demonstrate non-aggressive methods to stop one person assaulting another
  • Demonstrate non-aggressive team methods to separate persons fighting
  • Communicate professionally with the subject of physical intervention while protecting yourself and others from assault
  • Demonstrate the use of a method for physically prompting a person
  • Demonstrate the use of a non-restrictive method of escorting a person
  • Demonstrate the use of a one-person low level restrictive standing hold that can be used as an escort.
  • Demonstrate the use of a two-person restrictive standing hold that can be used as an escort
  • Demonstrate how to provide support to colleagues during a physical intervention
  • Demonstrate how to de-escalate and disengage a physical intervention ensuring safety for both parties
  • Communicate professionally with the subject of physical intervention, while using prompting, holding and escorting techniques.