Specialist Courses




This course has been designed by AMBA Training and forms the core competencies for working within Hostile Environments on PSD and Close Protection tasks. Many operatives working within hostile environments or new operatives that want to move into this environment now need to have not only a greater understanding of physical security and specific hostile environment operational procedures but in some cases the SIA license. Our HECPO course has been designed to teach a student the drills, procedures and specific techniques that are required when operating in a close protection role within a hostile environment.

The HECPO (Czech Republic) course comprises of 5 days live fire weapons and simulation based in the Czech Republic.

All our trainers have delivered the above training for her majesty’s services around the UK and internationally, from the time you sign up on the courses you will be immersed within an professional learning environment which provides advanced teachings to enable you the underpinning knowledge to work within hostile protective security environments.

We at AMBA take the lessons and training that we have experienced over the years and translate them into easy to understand skills. Through experiential learning we capture, develop and evaluate your progression throughout the duration of the course so we maintain a pace that suits you.