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Terms & Conditions

Amba Training Ltd provide the training and delivery of regulated qualifications, we do not guarantee certification. Certification of these regulated qualifications can not be provided unless the learner is able to wholly complete their portfolio to the required standards of the Awarding Organisation.

Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any of its courses. Where it is necessary to cancel or reschedule any courses, you will be informed at the first available opportunity and delegates will be rescheduled as a priority to the next available course(s). Amba Training Ltd does not accept any responsibility for certificates expiring as a result of a cancelled course.

Payment: Full payment is required prior to the classroom-based course start date(s). Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to withhold certificates until full payment has been cleared. Individual consumers are required to make payment at the time of booking.


The full course fee will be charged for cancellations made less than 20 working days before the course start date. Cancellations can be received either by phone (02084291202) or email ( Courses start the moment you are registered on the course or online platform or confirmed onto the course.


If you are booking as an individual, you have 14 days in which to cancel your booking from the date it was made. For courses that are booked outside this period, the cancellation request must be received at least 14 days prior to the course starting. Cancellation requests made after the 14-day period will be charged the full course fee. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to remove any student from any course(s) at any time, where and when it is necessary. We are not liable for any costs incurred by the student(s) or company involved in the purchase of a course(s).

Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to refund any student for any course(s) at any time, where and when it is necessary. When a refund has been processed back to a student, the contract between Amba Training Ltd and the student becomes null and void. The relationship between Amba Training Ltd and the student will no longer exist after the refund is processed.



  • 30 days payment period from date of invoice being issued
  • If business is wishing to send out Supplier Forms or PO Numbers etc then we will send out automated email within the first working week of the invoice being created.
  • Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to suspend any learners of a business booking the date the invoice has become overdue.
  • Invoices overdue by 45 days will receive a late payment notice and a formal process will be followed.


  • Pay the day invoice is sent out if requested and do not set up on platform until either initial payment is paid or full payment.
  • Suspend on course or platform after 30 days if a payment is overdue.

Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to suspend a learner for missed monthly payments from the date of the missed payments.


Amba Training Ltd reserve the right to choose a fully-accredited awarding body. This will be one of the following:

  • Pearson
  • Highfield Qualifications
  • QN UK


A charge of 50% will be applied to any transfer request received by Amba Training Ltd, provided that they are received at least 5 working days before the course start date. Any transfer requests received outside of the 5 working day period will incur an additional 100% charge of the course fee.


No payment will be charged within the first 7 days of booking the course. After 7 days, there will be a charge of 50% percent of the course fee.

If you subsequently cancel a course after a transfer has been made, then the full cost of the course will be charged. Transfer requests can be received either by phone (0208 4291202) or email (


Good time-keeping is essential throughout the course. Amba Training Ltd will issue full joining instructions to the booker for delegates attending the course, which includes information regarding the start time of the course and any additional information required. If the booker does not receive the joining instructions, it is their responsibility to contact Amba Training Ltd either by phone (0208 4291202) or email ( to arrange for them to be re-sent.

Failure to attend the course due to not receiving joining instructions will result in the full cost of the course being charged. It is the responsibility of the booker to ensure that the delegate is fully briefed and made aware of these instructions and all course requirements before attending the course.


Delegates must attend and complete all aspects of the course to qualify for certification. The full cost of the course will be charged for delegate(s) who arrive late or are absent from all or part of the course. This applies even if they are refused admittance due to lateness.


Amba Training Ltd has an Equal Opportunities Policy. To enable us to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and their requirements are fully met, you must advise us in advance of any special requirements that your delegate(s) need in order to enable them to participate fully in the training.

Please note that any specialist equipment and/or personnel such as signers or translators are not provided by Amba Training Ltd; however, these can be sourced at your own cost.


If an organisation or company chooses invoice payment methods and does not complete the payment as agreed with the sales team, no refund will be made to the business, even if the business decides to leave the course. Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to pursue the company through the legal system to recover the outstanding payments. As a business, invoices will be dealt with as an outstanding invoice. If one invoice is paid but another is not paid, Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to block all students that have been logged onto the online platform.


Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Amba Training Ltd, the company shall not be liable by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent) or implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law or under the express terms of this agreement, for any loss of profit or any indirect special or consequential loss, cost expenses or other claims for compensation. The entire liability of Amba Training Ltd to you under or in connection with this agreement and the provision of the training shall not exceed the sum of twice the contract value.


Personal data collected will be used for the purpose of delegate and course administration as required by Amba Training Ltd and may be disclosed to appropriate bodies/organisations associated with such courses.

The information may also be used for marketing purposes and you could be contacted by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail with details of future events and courses organised or promoted by Amba Training Ltd which may be of interest to you.

Amba Training Ltd proactively manages all marketing communications to enable delegates and organisations to opt out from further communication at any time.

Amba Training Ltd will not contact any delegate or organisation that has previously unsubscribed from email or newsletters. Contact details supplied to Amba Training Ltd will not be passed on to third parties.

If a student or booker gives Amba Training Ltd the incorrect details or requires a replacement certificate due to an error occurring due to the students or bookers information, this would lead to a certificate replacement charge as per the awarding bodies.


Students will not be registered until full payment of the course is completed. If a student does not complete full payment, Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to remove a student at any time due to non-payment. Students will not be regarded as on the course until full payment is made. Students are not required to be registered with a particular awarding body and this can be changed at any time.

Students will only be able to receive their registration number upon completion of their course.

If a student has not submitted any work within the 300 days of starting the course this will be classed as a non-starter and will be removed from course. If no submissions are completed within 30 days, the student will not be registered with the awarding body.


Students are entitled to a 12 month completion period. This is applicable to every portfolio-based courses.

Evidence of identification must be submitted upon completion of a studentsregistration and qualification before their certification can be claimed from the awarding body.


Amba Training Ltd will not condone or accept plagiarism in any form. All essays, documents and materials submitted by our learners are checked for plagiarism on a regular basis. If the work submitted is flagged for plagiarism, it will be referred to the learner and not accepted.

Amba Training Ltd will also not accept any form of Malpractice. This includes fraudulent behaviour in regards to observations and teaching hours. Amba Training Ltd use observer compliance checks and observer documentation to ensure that observations have been carried out legitimately and in line with the Awarding Organisation’s guidelines. Any fraudulent work submitted towards the qualification will be referred to the learner and not accepted.

Course removal based on plagiarism and malpractice

Amba Training Ltd reserve the right to issue two formal warnings to candidates found guilty of committing plagiarism or malpractice. These warnings will be issued by the Tutor to the student via email and will be recorded on the student’s profile.

– Warnings issued by the Tutor
– All work then scanned and checked for plagiarism
– Consultation with Senior Management
– Consultation with the Student
– Resubmission and remarking of all work

If the student is found guilty on more than two occasions, Amba Training Ltd reserve the right to cancel a student’s access to the course and the candidate will be removed from the qualification with immediate effect. Amba Training Ltd operate in line with the requirements and guidelines provided by the relevant Awarding Organisation. We will issue two formal warnings as required before closing the qualification if the student is found to commit a third offence.


Amba Training Ltd are required to complete a number of compliance checks that will include the following: ID checks, qualified observer confirmation and plagiarism checks. If any student commits fraud or is found to attempt to commit fraud, then the student will be removed from the course and no refund will be made available.


Our tutors aim to provide regular feedback for the assignments submitted. If multiple files are submitted on one occasion, this will cause a delay in feedback. We encourage our learners to submit work as they progress through each assignment, this is to ensure they receive feedback as soon as possible. We endeavour to claim  the certification as soon the submitted work has been assessed and verified by an IQA. There might be delays due to the administration, awarding body audits and delivery, Amba Training Ltd would not be responsible for any loss of profit or any indirect special or consequential loss, cost expenses or other claims for compensation.


No further support or access will be provided until payment for the subscription has been made. All payments will be made in full.


Students may be required to complete their observations via Skype whilst completing their course with Amba Training Ltd. This will provide students from all areas of the United Kingdom the opportunity to complete their observations using a suitable and efficient method of assessment. Amba Training Ltd will determine whether the student will complete all observations via Skype. This will depend on a variety of factors including location, time of year and duration. The decision will be made the Support Team.


When an online course expires, the student will have up to three months to request an extension. If an extension is not requested within three months of expiry, Amba Training Ltd reserves the right to remove the learner and all related submissions from the platform.


Amba Training Ltd can not guarantee a student’s membership with a professional body on completion of one of our courses. We offer fully-accredited courses that, once completed and certified, will allow you to apply for a professional body membership. There is no guarantee that the student will be accepted for professional body membership and we accept no responsibility for this. It is the responsibility of the student to look at the criteria of the professional body for membership.