Health and Safety Level 3 Modules

Health and Safety Level 3 Modules


Perfect for refresher training, mix and match online modules from our popular health and safety level 3 training course.












If you have staff or managers who take on health and safety duties or have responsibility for particular areas of health and safety within your business, you may wish to consider offering single module online training.

These short, flexible, online courses cover specific areas of health and safety and are ideal for refresher training or meeting an upskilling requirement.

Effective management of health and safety has the potential to save your business vast sums of money.

Accidents in the workplace cost businesses in the UK tens of billions of pounds every year. From increased insurance premiums to the cost of replacing injured staff and in the worst instances, facing litigation, the risks to your business are severe.

Take the steps to mitigate against that risk today, select your modules from the list below: