STARS E-Learning Course (Qualify at Home)

STARS E-Learning Course (Qualify at Home)


Scottish Training for Alcohol Retailers and Servers – ideal for those needing to acquire the 2 hour mandatory training for alcohol regulations in Scotland.

Give your staff the knowledge they need to legally sell and serve alcohol in Scotland

A licensed premises must provide the mandatory 2 hours training to staff responsible for selling and serving alcohol in Scotland. Provide this training online with HOT!
Understand licensing law and enforcement

Understand what pathogenic microorganisms are and how you can manage them

Know the types of licences needed to sell alcohol

Grasp the ins and outs of personal licensing and why you need it

Learn the imporance of licensing standards officers

Understand the functions of Licensing Standards Officers, including their powers of entry

Introduction of operating plans and licensing conditions

Learn the nature of operating plans within the licensing system and the types of premises conditions

Ensure the protection of children on your premises

Understand the measures required to ensure the protection of children

Ensure social responsiblity in retailing and serving

Know the importance of following alcohol retailing responsibility regulations

The perfect course for anyone who wishes to sell alcohol in Scotland

The ideal course for…

Extend your knowledge…

Alcohol serving staff in Scotland

who work in a restaurant, bar or events setting

Staff selling alcohol in Scotland

working in a shop, supermarket or hospitality setting

Anyone in the food industry

requires food safety training to understand their responsibilities

Scottish personal licence holders

should be equipped with our SCPLH knowledge

This course is ideal for those looking for needing to aquire the 2 hour mandatory training for alcohol regualtions in Scotland. This may include those working in hospitality, bars, retail and on or off-licences.