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How to become a Security Guard in the UK?

Unlike many other countries, you need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence to work legally as a security guard in the United Kingdom. You need to undertake a government approved training course from an authorized training provider. Security Guard’s licenses in UK are issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) which is a government-ruled agency. The SIA website has the list of 19 centers that are registered for their own Physical Intervention Level 3 Approved Programme.

Qualifications needed for the post?

Among some basic qualifications required for the security Guard training one is that you cannot afford to have a criminal record. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) thoroughly rechecks your background after you apply for the licence and if it’s not clear you request will be canceled. Also, you must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or have the legal permission to work in the country.
Other than this, you have to be fluent in speaking and writing English. You will also be required to have First Aid certified training to obtain the license. The other basic requirements are that you have to be 18 years or older and a certified photo. You can submit the required documents online to SIA or send them via mail.

Salary slab for Security Guard in UK

A newly-recruited security guard earns £11 per hour approximately. Which means his annual salary would be approximately £17,000 per year. While an experienced security guard makes around £30 per hour just a few bucks more than a new-recruit so his annual income would be £19,500. But it’s rare to see a jump in their basic salaries.

Security Guard Salary UK Summary

  • New Security Guard earns £17,000 per year
  • Experienced Security Guard make £19,500 per year

Fees For the Security Guard Licence

You will have to pay around £200 as a fee when applying for the license.

How Long is the Security Guard Course?

The Security Guard Training course is completed in 3 days of time. The course contains three units and its evaluated through three multiple choice examinations. The first two units are of one hour each and consist of 40 multiple choice questions each. While the third unit of Security Guard Course is of 30 minutes and contains just 20 questions.
All the three units can be described as follows:

Unit-1 Working within the Private Security Industry

Unit-2 Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry

Unit-3 Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

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